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Introducing Mantis307 a fat, mean, and rubbery VST synth that was influenced by the raucous sonic stylings of classic synths like the tb303, mc202, nord3, OSCar and juno60.

Features killer unison and distortion, as well as an agressive constant time slide (predictable portamento). In addition, 2 oscillators + subosc per voice, sync, mono and polyphonic modes, keyboard tracking, and 3 envelope curve types. (and much much more!). And with a super low CPU footprint that lets you layer many mantis sounds without breaking a sweat.

Mantis307 was created for raw acidic sound design! ::: Mantis really shines when used like a tb303, as a bassline acid monosynth. To get you started, there are several teebee presets to get the aciiid juices flowing. But don't be fooled, Mantis's range of sounds include much much more than just 303 and basses, hit the audio samples below to see.

Guitars too? Version of Mantis307 adds a powerful little feature to control the sustain part of the filter envelope (using note velocity) for an expressive guitar palm muting effect! Combined with an external amp simulator like Waves GTR, NI GuitarRig, or iZotope Trash, the Mantis307 VST with it's rich unison chorus and 3 tweakable oscillators can easily achieve an aggressive metal guitar 'wall of sound' like you hear in NIN or KMFDM albums - all by itself with minimal configuration. Just check out the 'mutable' patch in the VST, and tweak the note velocity to hear muting change, tweak decay to make the muting more 'snappy'. Listen to the demo, demo#2, or demo#3.


Mantis307 screenshot



i really like it for a simple bombass bassliner -- seriously though....... mantis kicks so much bassline ass. i can't not use it. i have this virus TI, and I use mantis for basslines every time - momerath

The first VST I've found that makes my [Roland] MC-202 almost irrelevant - acidphakist

We've been using mantis since 2004, it's definitely one of our secret weapons - subatomicglue

This is my GO-TO for ripping sounds... I really like how Mantis can be smooth but I LOVE how raw it can be! - pilfermusic is easy to overload, the sound is honest and reminds me very much of the TB303 but other synths from Roland here seem have stood godfather, somehow I feel even when the sounds of my old set consisting [of] members from SH101 and MC202. Really strong is the sound of Mantis307 by the use of unison and distortion ... -  

Audio Samples

The Void by subatomic (all nondrum sounds mantis)
Hard by subatomic (all nondrum sounds mantis)
TBdemo by momerath (303/pads & piercing sounds mantis)
SubFloor by subatomic (all nondrum sounds mantis)
MantisSong by subatomic (all sounds mantis, yes drums too!)
AcidBass by subatomic (all nondrum sounds mantis)
CauseOfANewDarkAge by subatomic (all nondrum sounds mantis)
Grand by subatomic (all nondrum sounds mantis)
Weet by subatomic (all nondrum sounds mantis)
Silicone by subatomic (all nondrum sounds mantis)
FeedMe by subatomic (all mantis except drums and OSCar bass)
Daybreak Falls by subatomic (all mantis except drums & added distortion)
ForestFloor by subatomic (all mantis except drums & +added external distortion)
InertialDecay by subatomic (all mantis except drums & added external distortion)
Rabbithole (subatomic) (all mantis except drums +added external distortion)
StrawberryFlavoredDeath (subatomic) (all mantis except drums +external distortion)

Owner's Manual:



Mantis307 VST is fully functional for unlimited amount of time. You don't have to pay, this is our gift to you, enjoy. But if you send us $20, we will send you a code to remove the reminder (nag) screen (it reminds you that you have a free VST, just in case you forget! :-) ).

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We'll send you a regcode which will remove the annoying nag screen
(regcode sent out by a human, please be patient).


Make sure you have the following:
  • MacOSX 10.5 or higher
    - or -
    WinXP SP3 or higher
  • A plugin host that works with 32bit VST2.4 plugins

Mantis307 has been tested on Intel Pentium4 'Northwood' 2.26Ghz, AMD Athlon 64 3800+, AMD Athlon II x4 630, and 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270, under Windows XP SP3 (32bit), and MacOSX 10.5.5 & 10.6 on MacBookPro 13" unibody (Intel). The plugin is optimized for Pentium4 and SSE2 instructions, so make sure your system is compatible with at least Pentium4 and SSE2. On the 2.26Ghz, the plugin consumes about 2.7% CPU for a single 'unison' voice (actually 5 voices in chorus), without unison mantis will use even less CPU, your milage may vary.

Cubase 4,5 (OSX/Win) / Nuendo 3.2.0 / Ableton Live 8.0.1, 7, 6 (OSX/Win) / FLStudio (fruityloops) 9, 8.5,8,7,6,5 / Samplitude 11 / Energy-XT 2.5.2 / Podium 2.26 / Reaper 3.35 / MuLab 3 XT / SaviHost / Tobybear Minihost / VSTLord / MaxMSP 5.1 (OSX) have all been tested to work fine with Mantis307, others will likely work as well.

NOTE: Mantis is not a standalone program so you need a host application to use it.


Please visit our support forum to ask questions, and get help.

  • In FLStudio, when upgrading to Mantis 1.8.3 sometimes a saved patch in a .flp project file will be initialized to InitSaw. If this happens, downgrade to Mantis 1.8.2 and export the patch, then upgrade to 1.8.3 and reimport the patch you saved. You shouldn't have any trouble after this. For some reason FLStudio has a bug where if the number of patches in the VST changes then FLStudio _may_ fail to initialize the patch properly in the .flp project.

  • Mantis for MacOSX is universal binary, and is known to work fine on Intel Macs. However there are reports that Mantis PowerPC has a problem showing the graphics, which are needed to enable the sound in the demo at this time. Give it a try, but your milage may vary. I'm working on a fix...

  • There may be other unknown bugs, if you find a new one, report it for a free regcode... (make sure to ask for it!!)

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